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Gold Cow Milk Powder

Gold Cow Milk Powder

Gold Cow Milk Powder Australia, develops and manufactures premium,
affordable and unique dairy products for the global export market.

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Our Story

Founder of Gold Cow Australia Simon Hansford is committed to growing the Australian dairy and agricultural industry. Following his lifelong passion for premium quality produce, Simon created Gold Cow Australia with a passion for quality and decades of industry knowledge and experience.

Simon along with mother Peggy have been involved in manufacturing of ice cream, yoghurt and milk powder ingredients well before establishing an ice cream business in 1980, which grew to be the second dominant Australian manufacturer and supplier of yogurt, drinking chocolate and powdered soft serve ice cream. Simon and his team are proud to have been at the forefront of the industry in the early eighties when the Victorian Food Safety Regulations and HACCP certification was implemented.

After 2008 when the Melamine issue occurred in China, Simon started research and development work into formulating a further range of milk-powdered products - predominately for the bakery and ice cream industry as well as Infant and Adult milk powder formulation, which led to the establishment of the first independently owned infant formula manufacturing plant in 2009 servicing Chinese and Asian markets.

Simon Hansford

With his history in the dairy industry, Simon has a thorough knowledge of both the manufacturing process, and an intimate understanding of the culture in China and how to navigate extremely complex supply channels.

Australia and China

Creating Gold Cow Australia

The GOLD COW business and product range has strategically evolved from its origins. Simon & Peggy’s ice cream and later the Milk Powder Australia plant and today is an Australian based sales, distribution and marketing company connecting dairy branded quality assured products from the Australian and NZ market to appropriately positioned quality assured Chinese and Asian procurement specialists and retailers.

The extensive network of GCA has been building and consolidating expertise to offer assurance and service to the dairy sector to capitalise on the maturing international buyers and their growing demand for safe quality assured international dairy products, particularly from Australia and New Zealand. As a result, Gold Cow Australia has built strong business relationships with an extensive network of independent local manufacturing plants, farmers and dairies to ensure CGA competes on quality, not price, so customers are assured that they are getting the highest quality ingredients and nutritional value available, supported by the Australian and NZ Government.

Goldcow Milkpowder

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